This hilarious and informative weekly podcast brings some of the most prolific voice actors working in animation, video games, and commercials into studio to discuss their careers and process, with fellow voice and on camera actor, Kiff VandenHeuvel. This entertaining podcast will keep you laughing and learning with some of the finest performers in the VO world.

About the Host

Kiff VandenHeuvel

Kiff VandenHeuvel

Host & Executive Producer

Voiceover and on-camera actor, improv master and teacher, celebrity voice matcher, Taurus and easy crier. Kiff started this show to get to know other folks in his industry better, and to drop some breadcrumbs for folks who were interested in wandering through the woods of VO. Kiff has worked in all fields of VO from feature animation to on hold messaging, from e-learning to national network TV commercials, from show narration and promo to audiobook, mocap and park voices. You can see and hear his reels at

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Episode 19: "Flip The Switch" with Phil Morris

The amazing Phil Morris ("Jackie Chiles" from Seinfeld, Love That Girl, Black Dynamite, LEGO DC: Cosmic Clash) comes in to share his journey, his specific approach to character creation, …

Episode 06: "A Ball of Light" with Debra Wilson

In this powerful and dynamite episode of All Over Voiceover, Debra Wilson comes in and reflects light and love, shares her process, her stories, her …

Episode 44: "THIS IS HOW I FEEL... is that OK?" with Beau Oliver and Sumeet Iyengar

This week, Kiff sits down with his commercial VO agents Beau Oliver (@BEAUOLIVERCESD) and Sumeet Iyengar (@SUMEETatCESD) from CESD LA to discuss how to get repped, how to read better, what …

Episode 61: "What Office Do You Want?" with Ratana

This week's episode is an incredibly inspiring conversation with Ratana (Skylanders, Dynasty Warriors 9) about how she used her experience working in the "straight" world of marketing, …

Episode 16: "The Moment You Choose the Other..." with Lori Tritel

This week, Lori Tritel, voice actress and vo teacher joins Kiff to discuss those moments of decision that led to this career path, and sharing not only her journey, but some AMAZING tips …

Episode 63: "Mama Needs A New Wheelchair" with Pat Brady

Legendary VO agent Pat Brady ( sits down with Kiff at CESD for a hilarious and extraordinarily informative conversation about getting repped, staying at the top of your …

Episode 38: "Buzzcut the Bad Wiring" with Dave Walsh

When voice actor and coach Dave Walsh ( drops by, things get deep fast and stay there. Dave discusses in great detail his TrueTell(r) process and shares how the truth of …

Start listening to Episode 19: "Flip The Switch" with Phil Morris
Start listening to Episode 19: "Flip The Switch" with Phil Morris